Looking for hosting expertise

Hosting can be a challenge, there are many things to consider and sometimes there isn’t enough knowledge in house to get everything working as you need. Since web properties are now the defacto public face of your business you simply cant take chances of anything going wrong.

There are many managed services companies out there, but are they right for you? Most of the big players want to do things there way and they will try and fit your needs into that model. While this might work in some cases, it certainly wont in others. Our approach is more fundamental, we listen to your needs and provide you with the solution you want.

Typical problems you can face

Physical or Virtual

  • Some providers only host one type
  • Hybrid Solutions can be complex
  • Reliability is a factor for physical
  • Performace is a factor for virtual


  • Providers typically install a lot of unnecessary services
  • Most providers wont support a range of operating systems
  • Provides will typically not support more than the OS leaving you with a support gap
  • Config changes are often not allowed

Support Gap

  • Often wont look at your needs specifically
  • Will force you to run as they want to run
  • You can pay a fortune with little gain
  • Will the support you get actually be enough

Cost Breakdown

  • Managed Servers can be in excess of £1000per month
  • Unmanaged Servers can be as little as £40per month
  • Finding the right fit for your needs is normally difficult
  • Marble will understand your needs and price accordingly

How are Marble different

We take the time to understand your needs and supply the correct solution to fit. We supply solutions that can be as simple as a single web server or highly available solutions that span multiple continents. We will leverage the correct technology with the correct suppliers be it Physical Servers, Virtual Servers or Hybrid solutions.

Maybe you already have a provider and you need extra support. You may want to extend your footprint and don’t know the best way to do that, or you may want to leverage additional services and don’t know how to integrate them. Or perhaps, you are looking for a complete overhaul. Whatever your needs, we’ve probably dealt with it before!

Types of solutions we've implemented

New service of a new business.

Migration of server from physical or virtual.

Doubling up (splitting servers to increase capacity)

Migration of large footprints (50+ servers)

Migration of whole data centres