Bringing all your systems and users together

Keep your business moving

Getting the most from your users often means that they need to connect to your office remotely. However sometimes this just isn’t practical. Connectivity speeds, requirements and equipment in place all play a part in these problems. But Marble IntelliConnect can solve all these problems for you. IntelliCloud is a fully managed service. We help you connect all your sites together and help you make any necessary changes that may occur.

When you want to connect multiple sites together you can very easily end up with a ‘spaghetti’ of connections that is both hard to manage and can affect performance. When you add in users needing to connect in remotely there are many other things to consider: 1) do they need access to other sites/locations on the network, 2) does the location they want to connect to have fast enough access to support dialup users?, 3) Does the equipment at the site support all the users (most routers only support 1 or 2 methods and not always convenient for dialup users) and 4) when a user dials in, should they be restricted to only accessing certain systems?

Just looking for Connectivity?

We supply a range of normal connectivity solutions

  • DSL for basic lines
  • Fibre Leased Lines
  • VOIP Centric Circuits
  • Single VPNs
  • Consultancy + management & Installation on all options as required

Sample Topology

Intellicloud can be used with many of our other services to provide a seamless architecture for your business. From Hosting, Email to User Protection and Corporate Services like Active Directory and Anti-Virus, Intellicloud seamlessly connects our solutions together.

How it works

IntelliCloud provides infrastructure that sits between your sites. When you want to connect one of your locations to us, you choose either a managed connection (we will configure, post to you and manage a device), direct connection (we will provide physical links to you) to un-managed connection (we will provide configuration for you to install on your own equipment).

When you want to attach users, you simply need to attach a user gateway (or multiples of). The user gateway then allows dial in users to access your cloud. You pay a simple monthly cost per site which takes into account how much data is likely to go over the site. When you want to add sites, its simple and we manage the process for you.

Benefits of IntelliConnect

For your business
  • Join all your sites together
  • Granular control of policies
  • Remove the headache of multiple connection paths
  • International Ready
  • Connect premises; homes and data centres
  • Connect clients in easily
  • Priced per site
For your users
  • Fast centralized connection
  • OpenVPN based connections
  • Access to all locations on tap
  • Users in remote countries supported at faster speeds.
  • Priced per user