Out Source & Management


Outsourcing all or part of your operation can be challenging. Our clients often tell us that they fear this will slow down progress, add more complications or lead to staff morale problems. We understand these concerns and work with all our clients to ensure that we are seen as part of the team and not outsiders taking over.


Marble can help you outsource many of your important IT operations or simply provide you consultants on a short term per project basis.

Provide you consultants in:
  • Project Management
  • IT Operations
  • IT Service Management
  • Development
  • Infrastructure and Security.
Take over management of:
  • IT Operations
  • IT Service Management
  • Development
  • Infrastructure
Provide Interim leadership to C and D level.

On occasion Marble calls on its wide range of associates and affiliates to help with your outsourcing needs. We have engagements with outsourcing providers in UK, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Vietnam and India who are readily available to bring in expertise you might be lacking in house.

Added Value

All our engagements with you are available via our portal – so you know all the time what costs you are incurring, what contact we are having with your team and what actions we are taking on your behalf. Unlike so many other outsourcing and contracting companies – we believe firmly in openness and honesty at all times.