People Performance

People Performance

Understanding how human factors impact service performance and delivery

Our consultants understand operations, thats why we take a close look at all the factors that can impact your business. The IT you have in place is only as good as the people using it, so its important to get the very most from your team.

Example Scenario

Once a week you are asked to replace a keyboard in one of the offices. This is a low cost exercise, typically around £5.00. That doesn’t like much, but over a year your Capital expenses are £260.00 for this replacement alone. This can soon add up. But lets look at People Performance, if the keyboard breaks because someone is deliberately breaking it, you may not have visibility of that easily, so you could be wasting money. But what if the keyboard is breaking because it is being so heavily utilised? Perhaps a keyboard worth £100 would be a better investment, and would still save you £160 over the first year.

These are the common issues that we look at during an IT usage audit when you add our Human Factors consultancy. We talk to your team to find out the common problems they have and associate risk to these, in a simple Green/Amber/Red traffic light matrix.

Human Factors Audit

Our human factors audit starts from £2500 per site and covers up to 10 staff members per site. If you have a bigger team, then we can easily tailor our audit to your requirements.

A full IT risk audit typically starts from £7500 and includes a brief Human Factors summary.

A pre-investment audit costs typically any where from £20,000 to perform and can identify significant risk in the operations requiring extra capital to resolve Hedge Fund Investment Manager
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Looking for an Audit

If you are looking for an IT audit, weather you want to included a people performance review or not, then get in touch with us now.