Networking, Offices and Hosting

Simple or Complex solutions for your Office, Network or Website

Office and Networking Solutions

No matter what its for, a network is usually at the heart of your business. Whether its just a local system connecting your users to the internet or if its a highly complicated data centre architecture Marble has the knowledge and experience to plan, install and maintain the network to meet your requirements.

Typical things we cover
  • Needs assessment
  • Key requirements
  • Device specification
  • Zone planning
During installs
  • Route Planning
  • Method Statements
  • Structured Cabling
  • Rack and Wall Cab Installs

Managed and Monitored

Networks installed by Marble typically use high end Juniper hardware at the core. Because our solutions are designed to grow with you this means that we are building in scalability and flexibility into our solutions from the start. We’ll also monitor the health of everything to ensure that you don’t encounter any issues. This is especially important in our Metro solutions.

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Web Hosting and Virtual DC

Web hosting is becoming a critical aspect of all businesses large and small. The problem is that most hosting providers are interested in selling you machines “black boxes” and little more. We are interested in the service, the application you want to run as well. All our hosting is tailored to your exact needs. We work closely with our clients (and even their customers) to provide 100% customised solutions based on the exact needs, and we also monitor and maintain the service proactively.

Who we work with
  • Amazon AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean
Who we migrate to
  • Anybody!