We are Marble, a high tech consultancy based in the UK and providing services world wide. With more than 10 years knowledge in the E-Commerce, Hosting, Network, Data Management and Development sector we help businesses achieve the most from their IT.

Our services are available to businesses of all sizes who need expert leadership and knowledge to achieve success. From analysing your current situation, to developing a strategy, managing a portfolio to implementing new systems and solutions we have years of experience to help. Over the past few years we have helped major national and international brands recover from hacks, migrate their data centres, physical to virtualisation and taking charge of multi-national teams to rescue and recover failing projects.

A different approach

Your data and your business is unique to you. Even two companies in the exact same market sector will operate differently so we understand that you cant make a ‘one size fits all solution’. By working closely with your stake holders and users Marble is able to analyse your needs and provide fit for purpose solutions for them.

Working with us

We Listen and understand

By understanding your needs and not dictating them, we can develop appropriate solutions for your requirements, whether it is adding a new switch to your network, moving your website to a new provider, moving hundreds of servers or building you a new web store.

We plan and develop

Once we know what you need, we’ll plan it out for you. Some projects need only a little detail, some need comprehensive specs and method statements. Whatever your project is, we’ll provide a concise statement of work before we start to implement your new solution

We implement and train

Marble will provide your solution and help train your staff to use it. It maybe that your team need to learn a new system or to operate under tighter restrictions, whichever way we’ll make sure you are provided with the correct information to use your new solution.

Who we work with

  • Corporate and Large Enterprises
  • Hosting Companies
  • E-Commerce Companies
  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • International Brands
  • Anyone with data

Technologies we implement

  • HP; DELL; IBM + White label Servers
  • Windows & MS Solutions
  • Redhat and other Linux Distros
  • Puppet; Fracture; Mascot and Chef
  • AWS; Azure; VmWare; Cloudstack and Openstack; Proxmox
  • Cisco; Juniper; TP-Link; Draytek
  • Magento; WordPress; Drupal
  • And so much more